Las Vegas Hotel Reservation

When planning a trip to Sin City, you will want to book a Las Vegas hotel reservation that combines cost efficiency with location. Of course, finding the both of these in one hotel can be difficult. The Bellagio certainly enjoys a fantastic locale (right on the strip), and has access to all the major casinos on Las Vegas Blvd, but it isn’t exactly cheap.

One good way to provide yourself with more affordable transportation as well as a room is to look into the many package deals available when you book a Las Vegas hotel room reservation. Often, if you also book your airfare or a rental car at the same time you can save money on one, the other, or even both.

You can also save money if you don’t mind staying off the strip. Hotels like the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, The Rio, and The Palms can sometimes offer cheaper fares (though not for premier rooms) as long as you don’t mind taking a cab or driving to the strip. Of course these deals usually only apply during off seasons or when tourism is slow, so do some research and find out when they have their best deals.

Finally, many of the older casinos or the less extravagant casinos will simply cost you less. One thing to consider when making a Las Vegas hotel reservation is this: how much time will you be spending in the actual hotel room? If you don’t mind going to other casinos, taking cabs, or simply walking from place to place (though don’t try this during the daytime in the summer), then the conditions of your room will mean less to you. Besides, staying somewhere like the Flamingo may not be as glamorous as the newer Hotels, but the truth is that you can see them all without actually staying there anyway!